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Cytogenex is an independent UK science laboratory able to offer both Analytical and Research activities. Our major clients range from Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical companies, where we provide quality and safety data, to companies requiring data on the efficacy of disinfecting agents.

With the changing requirements of the industry, Cytogenex has recently undergone a major review of all systems and all procedures in order to comply with Pharmaceutical EU GMP for the Microbiological analysis of raw materials and finished products. In response to inspection by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Cytogenex was recently awarded EU GMP status. As a consequence, Microbiological analysis can be performed on licensed and non-licensed products using approved and validated methodologies.

In addition to Microbiological analysis of Pharmaceutical products, Cytogenex can offer the analysis of Food products for Microbiological contamination and other agents, the analysis of which is required as part of a Quality Assessment scheme. Therefore, work can be conducted for inorganic contaminates, allergens and also for the potential cross-contamination with a genetically modified strain of food ingredient. The customer may provide these methodologies or Cytogenex may recommend them. With respect to agreed methodologies, Cytogenex will work under a Technical Agreement provided either by Cytogenex or by the Customer.

Cytogenex can perform analysis as a 'fee-for-service' or as part of a larger pre-agreed Research and Development package.